Dangerous Goods Specialists complete the entire shipping process for you. Packing, Documentation, and Shipment Coordination - all within DOT and OSHA compliance. Our services make shipping hazardous material safe and easy, while your company avoids risk and liability.

Counter-to-Counter Service

Chemtran’s hazmat certified employees pick up your shipment at your facility. The products are packaged and documented based on DOT regulations, and transported to Chemtran USA’s facility. Upon arrival the products are repackaged and documented for the appropriate mode of transport. Tracking information is sent, and the shipment is monitored until it is delivered at the final destination.

  • Domestic shipments
    Depart same day
  • International shipments
    Depart within 24 hours

Storage & Distribution

Temperature controlled storage allow us to safely and securely maintain your non-bulk products and chemical samples. Our hazmat shipping expertise is combined with professional grade inventory management. The result is faster turn-around time for your shipments with even less risk.

Repacking & Repouring

Freight Forwarder Support. Non-compliant or damaged hazmat shipments can be prepared for transport quickly. Our team provides packing and documentation for global air or ocean shipments. Services available include custom crating, and repouring product into smaller packagings suitable for air transport.

  • Expedited completion
    Available for most shipments

Ship from your Facility

Created for clients outside the Houston area, the Satellite Shipping Service delivers the same all-inclusive services directly to your facility. Pre-marked and labeled UN Approved packaging is shipped to you including all hazmat documentation, and instructions how to complete the packaging. In addition, the products are already pre-shipped from your facility to the final destination. Once packing is complete, Chemtran will schedule a pick up from the selected carrier.

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