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Online Hazmat Training – New Launch!

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Chemtran USA is pleased to announce the launch of our partner, Halfday Hazmat Training, offering the latest in online IATA training.  Halfday Hazmat insisted on the best of breed LMS and the most creative custom content development.

Everyone in the  hazmat transportation world… dock worker or manager, courier or chemist is required by the Department of Transportation to be trained and certified. This innovative program provides full certification in half of a day. Contrast this to the standard two-day live training most hazmat transportation workers receive.

It is engaging and effective training; modern, to the point and procedure based. Specific, step-by-step instructions about what the hazmat transportation employee needs to do his or her job legally and safely.

This program was designed for hazmat shippers by hazmat shippers. Their experienced team began working together in the early 90’s.  Since then they have been providing all-inclusive hazmat shipping to global destinations, designing UN Approved packaging, and providing live hazmat training.   With demanding deadlines and anxious customers of their  own, they understand that time is important.  With Halfday Hazmat they  condensed the best of what they had learned over the years into a fast paced, entertaining package that will meet the US Department of Transportation’s requirements, that can be completed in half a day.

Chemtran USA is proud to have been part of the development and deployment of Half Day Hazmat. It’s absolutely the best online training for today’s hazmat transportation worker.

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