Hazmat Employee Training

Hazmat Employee Training Courses

Chemtran USA is proud to offer personalized hazmat employee training courses for employees who regularly work with hazardous materials.

All the hazmat training courses available through Chemtran are applicable and necessary to increase a hazmat employee’s knowledge, but in order to better suit a company’s needs Chemtran offers customized company hazmat training courses. These courses are tailored to train employees on what they deal with day to day, creating an applicable and effective training experience.


Hazmat Employee Training Course For IATA, DOT, IMDG

Each course named below is paired with types of shipments and their corresponding required training. Classes are scheduled regularly at Chemtran USA’s facility in Humble, Texas.

• Hazmat Shipments by Ground – CFR 49
• Hazmat Shipments by Air – IATA/ICAO
• Hazmat Shipments by Ocean – IMDG

Hazmat Training Overview

At Chemtran USA, we train at every skill level. Whether one is taking an introductory hazmat training courses or a detailed shipment analysis refresher, all are equally welcome. Customers often find themselves needing recertification or initial hazmat training for their employees but cannot spare the time to send them to Chemtran USA’s facility.

If scheduling conflicts arise, Chemtran will arrange to send an instructor to your facility and teach the course in the comfort of the customer’s own building. Chemtran built its hazmat training program with a dedication to providing hazmat shippers with extensive hazmat employee training, meeting the requirements of the Department of Transportation.

Client surveys show Chemtran’s hazmat training courses to be exciting and its trainers are enthusiastic. All instructors have years of experience in the industry and a passion for teaching, a winning combination for trainees. All students who successfully complete our hazmat employee training class will have the skills and knowledge for verifying, inspecting and completing hazardous material shipping papers. We provide hazmat employee notebooks with content directly from DOT, IATA, and IMDG training modules and each student may keep these notebooks for future reference. CD Rom and video presentations are produced and accepted by the Department of Transportation.

Online Training – through Halfday Hazmat

Don’t have time or can’t make it to our classroom?  Chemtran USA is proud to announce Halfday Hazmat’s fully animated online training.  Click here for more details and a video - Online Hazmat Training.

Hazmat Training Requirements Per DOT

Code 172.704 of Federal Regulation specifies that hazmat employees must be trained in four categories, and courses by Chemtran USA cover each of the four:

1. General Knowledge and Awareness: Video presentation and discussion time customized to your business type

2. Function Specific Training: Real world examples, classroom discussion, MSDS interpretations, documentation, marking, labeling, UN performance packaging and shipment inspection procedures are the focus of this course. Includes workbook for reference materials.

3. Safety Training: Discussion and examples from Emergency Response Guidebook

4. Security Awareness Training: Software, plus discussion regarding security awareness and your role regarding shipping hazardous cargo

Test results are completed and returned to clients for their records. A certificate of completion is issued to each student upon completion of the course.

Chemtran also offers a computer based hazmat training course that we can ship to you world wide. For more info, click here for computer based hazmat training

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