On-Site Logistics Control

Turn Key Sample Logistics

Chemtran USA offers a partnership approach with Hazmat Shippers to provide total sample shipping solution.  Packaging, hazmat documentation, and coordination of the shipment to any global destination is now available through our unique On-Site Logistics Control.  Since 1993, no competitor has matched our technical knowledge, enthusiasm for service and ability to package and transport samples. Under this plan, companies are able to discontinue daily packaging and the documentation of samples, and focus on more profitable tasks.  Chemtran USA is commercially insured, and takes full responsibility for these job functions- saving you time and money, while avoiding risk and liability.


Key elements of our service include:

• Schedule arrival at your facility as needed
• Sample packaging on site – per CFR-49 regulations
• Hazmat documentation on site
• Transport of samples to Chemtran USA’s Houston facility
• Perform re-packaging into Air-applicable UN Approved containers with hazardous marks and labels
• Creation of hazardous material documentation
• Coordinate all aspects of the shipment – Domestic / International
• Creation of Commercial Invoice documents – Fill out FEDEX, DHL air-bills (when applicable)
• Track shipments for proof of delivery
• Arrangement of Customs clearance and delivery with agents overseas (when applicable)

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